Leigh Woods ‘Withdrawn’ sets sail

18 April 2015

Commissioned by the National Trust and in partnership with Forestry Commission England as part of Bristol 2015, buffalozoo are delighted to announce our involvement with Bristol’s latest ‘art installation’ by local artist, Luke Jerram. The project named ‘Withdrawn’ sees 5 fishing boats appear in Leigh Woods which have now been launched and will be available to everyone to see visiting the woods up until September 6th 2015.

buffalozoo have designed the ‘Withdrawn’ branding, an A6 Guide which folds out to a handy A3 map, interpretation panels, waymarking signage and roadside banners. We’re delighted to be involved in such an amazing project that we jumped at the chance to volunteer to help out when the boats were being installed. You can say that we really do, love our jobs.

Body Image 1

Body Image 2

Body Image 3

Body Image 4

Luke Jerram is the artist behind the incredibly popular ‘Water Slide’ splashing down Park Street and ‘Street Pianos’ projects both in Bristol.