A better banking app

12 September 2016

We’re hearing a lot about Digital Transformation, but a lot of what is labelled as digital transformation, is simply just UX and Web Design. True digital transformation effects and benefits the business as a whole. For your customers, it means delivering an appropriate user experience for the device being used.

In order to deliver real benefits to users, the journey needs to be appropriate for the device. If I’m using a mobile app, chances are I’m out and about without the means or inclination to do actual banking. I’ll want to check my balance before buying something. I might want to see if an invoice/wages have been paid in and I’ll want to see what standing orders are going out to get a projection of how much money I actually have to spend. So while it’s possible for the app to calculate my spending over the last 12 months and compare it on a graph comparing ratios of spend for food/clothing/bills, is it appropriate or useful information for that moment?

Yes we are glued to our mobile devices, but what kind of apps are we actually using? A mobile app user is generally on the move, away from home, shopping, busy doing other things. In reality, what kind of banking do you really want to do in this situation?

I DON’T want:
– something that is difficult to install or requires information that I do not have with me
– newsfeeds (I have a news app)
– branch locations on a map (I have google maps)
– comparisons and data tracking how I’ve spent my money historically (show me on a desktop)
– detail on what I’ve spent going back more than a week
– to set up a new account through the app (I don’t have all the information to hand)
– to set up a new payee (I don’t have my PIN sentry with me)
– to download a pdf statement of the last 12 months
– to know the date and time (I have a watch)

I DO want:
– security, a mobile-friendly registration process
– immediate info on how much money I have NOW
– to know how much of that money I can spend (taking into account standing orders etc)
– to be able to switch to my other account(s)
– to be able to pay an existing payee
– to be able to transfer money between my accounts
– to contact my bank

So let’s strip it right back and give the user what is appropriate for their device. In the case of a mobile app, it could look like this:


For the full experience click here

We’ll be adding more screens over time. Tell us what you think – we’d love to hear from you.