Direct Line Group

Rewarding good drivers

How do you convince new, young drivers, that driving safely can be rewarding for them and their peers? For Direct Line this is an important question and one that needed answering as it falls under their Corporate Social Responsibility. This is how we did it.


Working with a global gateway and national treasure

buffalozoo have been a roster agency with Heathrow since 2012. We’ve been a big part of helping Heathrow to communicate their aspirations and responsibilities to the general public, both digitally and offline. Read more about this important work and how we bring content to life with infographics, interactive elements, videos and presentations.

National Trust

Creating great days out

Working with the National Trust really stretches our capabilities. The exciting challenge we face is to make every visit an enjoyable and unforgettable day out. We create stories to bring these exciting places to life. Whether it’s wayfinding and mapping, or engaging with local artists and craftspeople to create amazing educational sculptures.


Giving a virtual network a visible presence

buffalozoo have worked with Three for many years. This is the story of what we did when we were given total control for their MVNO proposition. From brand positioning through to the design and production of their online and offline collateral.

Direct Line Group

Digital Transformations in the financial sector

Read how buffalozoo worked hand-in-hand with Direct Line Group’s in-house delivery and design teams on UX design and delivery for Sainsbury's and Nationwide.
And how we turned complicated bills into simple information with data visualisation design resulting in an intuitive user experience for Three and it’s customers.