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Digital Transformations in the financial sector

Digital Transformation is the current buzz-word for the financial sector. Traditionally, the financial sector is risk averse and takes time to implement change.

Insurance providers are under pressure to innovate. For some, it’s a case of getting up to speed, for others it represents a more fundamental shift – a cultural change to get things done quickly and efficiently a ‘trial and error’ approach previously unheard of in this sector.

So many financial institutions cannot break away from expensive legacy systems and are struggling to support the ever evolving world of mobile devices and changes in customer behaviours. Simple things such as streamlining the online customer journey and allowing customers to have the same experience no matter what device they use, have a massive impact – this is what we do. Presenting a consistent message and experience (online and offline) is absolutely key and one of the main gripes of today’s tech-savvy customer.

With our experience, we can facilitate these transformations and enable established teams to think and work differently, using UX and UI design to bring it to life. We work with you to quickly develop new products and services, providing best practice insight and customer expectations gained from working in other sectors, such as Retail and B2B.

The importance of your brand and your customers perception of it, should extend to the online experience.

Staying true to your brand values throughout this process is at the heart of what we do.

There are several key drivers for organisations to adopt digital transformation (responding to new competition, changes in customer demands and changes in technology). Buffalozoo work hand-in-hand with Direct Line Group’s in-house delivery and design teams, collaborating on UX design for Sainsburys and Nationwide. We complement Direct Line’s own design capability and together, we showcased how other businesses use technology, design and customer expectation to improve their digital service. Direct Line’s design team provided best-practice User Experience direction and Buffalozoo interpreted the partners’ brand guidelines to complete the design element. Finally, we supplied front-end HTML code that is fully compliant with Direct Line’s standards.

Buffalozoo helped to define the user journeys for Three’s move to digital billing. Turning complicated bills into simple information with data visualisation design and describing the interactions that make the experience intuitive. In all of these cases, we’ve slotted into existing in-house teams. Collaborating with their existing agencies, IT, Commercial and Digital teams as well as external technology suppliers.

However, this isn’t true ‘digital transformation’ the real attitude shifts need to happen within the organistion first. We specialise in understanding new internet technologies and how these will shape the future for you and your customers. We can help you bring new products and services to life by designing prototypes and trial different experiences, so you can be ready for what’s coming next.

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