Working with a global gateway and national treasure

“The Wright Brothers created the single greatest cultural force since the invention of writing. The airplane became the first World Wide Web, bringing people, languages, ideas, and values together.” Bill Gates.

Much has changed since the the Wright Brothers, with air travel becoming increasingly more affordable and everyday. The demand is such that our two major airports are both vying for expansion in order to cope with demand. It’s a very public and political affair which is highly sensitive and extremely important for the wider economy. At buffalozoo, we’ve been a big part of helping Heathrow to communicate their aspirations and responsibilities to the general public.

We’ve created a platform (your.heathrow.com) to allow Heathrow to show the ‘behind the scenes’ activities at the airport. Users can get an insight into the people and teams responsible for keeping the airport running day-to-day. It’s an important outlet for Heathrow, giving them an opportunity to share the softer news stories with the general public, while it’s aim is give a clearer understanding of what is involved in making their journeys seamless.

We’ve had the pleasure to be involved in a diverse range of projects for Heathrow for many years.

We’ve also created the Taking Britain Further site, which is directly concerned with the expansion proposals. Within these sites, we’ve brought the content to life with infographics, interactive elements, videos and presentations. A big part of what we can do is to visualise the all important facts, to make them easy to digest and take away. So often, this key data is hidden amongst the political and social soundbites.

“I wanted to send you all an email to thank you for your incredible work and support over the last few years with the expansion campaign. I’ve given you tight timeframes, ambitious job briefings, and last minute work and you’ve always been able to help. I really appreciate the great attitude you’ve always greeted me with on all of these requests”.
Chris Loy. Digital Communications Manager, Heathrow.

We’ve become a trusted partner, which is how we’ve become involved in this very important work, in what is a critical period for Heathrow. From local residents to politicians, commerce to airlines, the 3rd runway debate is at the top of many agendas and we are proud to have helped deliver Heathrow’s message over the last few years.

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